【シリア人道支援】第1回 インターン日記@ヨルダン「工芸教室を覗いてきました」 An intern's Diary in Jordan 1st "Visit to a carpenter class"

■ 自己紹介  Self-introduction

Hello, Nice to meet you. I am Hiroto Tsukada. I am doing internship at NICCO in Jordan office till the beginning of next January. I will write reports about the work here during these 3 months.

Before starting report, I am writing about myself. I hope this will help you to feel more familiar with me.


(Photo 1) At NICCO head office, Kyoto, before leaving for Jordan.

I am from Gunma prefecture and fifth grade student in a University. I am going to graduate in next spring and start working after graduation. Fortunately, I got all the required credits because of which I do not have to write a graduation thesis. Therefore I came to Jordan to use rest of my moratorium effectively.

I am often asked the questions like “Why do you go to Jordan?” or “It is dangerous, isn’t it?”
My answer is “I learned Arabic in the university and got interested in Middle East. It naturally leads me to get to know about disputes and refugees over there. I hoped to go to Arabic world, and last year I stayed Kuwait for a year to learn Arabic. After that I decided to work for Middle East in my life, and came here in Jordan.”


Jordan is not so dangerous place. Of course, although I do much care when I go out there is nothing like that we often recall typical dangerous image from Middle East.


(Photo 2) Scenery from the Zarqa office

■ 工芸教室を覗いてきました。 Visit to a carpenter class

I introduce some project I take a look at after arriving Jordan.
NICCO has been conducting projects mainly for women and children so far. In addition we started carpenter classes for men as well.

Not only adults, but also children participated in the class


(Photo 3) Everyone is involved in making shelves


(Photo 4) The fifteen-year-old boy does not go to school. He seemed to enjoy the carpenter class so much

Some of the shelves they made will be used for drama sessions of children and community spaces in Zarqa center. Some of the participants took picture with their works. They seem to be proud of their work.


(Photo 5) A boy took leadership in cleaning the classroom.

I will write report about the projects in this way from this report for 3 months
Thank you for reading and I hope you continue reading my following posts.

Hiroto Tsukada

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【イラン・マシャッド事務所】ヘラート州でサフランの植え付けを行っています。 We have been planting the bulbs of saffron crocus in Herat Province.

Salam! (Hello!)
This is Yasuda from NICCO Mashhad Office in Iran. A couple of weeks ago, the former Iranian staff came to the office with his friend at the first time after one year and a half to say hello to us. Though I was glad to see him after a long interval, I became to feel fear immediately, because his friend asked me to practice Karate together…


■ ヘラート州でのサフラン栽培  The planting saffron crocuses in Herat province



Today, I would like to introduce the planting saffron crocuses in Herat province, Afghanistan.

It should be absolutely concerned that Afghanistan is one of the most famous producing countries for opium poppies. The planting opium poppies are widespread around Afghanistan as well as some other countries. Except for medical purposes, it is well known that many countries not only prohibit the planting, but also the extraction of effective ingredient and trading them, which makes opium poppies more valued. .
Since the collapse of Taliban regime, the international societies have been supporting Afghanistan to replace opium poppies with other agriculture products, and saffron crocus may be one of the most promising alternative products.

Training the farmers about the way of planting and pest control for saffron crocus


Usually, we call the dried pistils of saffron crocus just as “saffron”, and it is well-known in Japan too as an ingredient of Paella, a Spanish cuisine. The farmers can replace the plant of opium poppies with the saffron crocus without sacrificing economic rationality. That is because the farmers can harvest only a few pistils from one saffron crocus flower, so they can be dealt with selling saffron crocus at a high price in the markets. Also, it is said that saffron crocus is a suitable agriculture product for the arid climate of Afghanistan, because it can be planted with less water, compared with other agriculture products.

Providing bulbs of saffron crocus to the farmers after the training

Planting bulbs of saffron crocus


The blooming season for saffron crocus comes around between October and November every year, and they can have pretty and light purple flowers even on the harsh land of Afghanistan. I believe that the flowers could be symbolized as the future of Afghanistan.

The bulb of saffron crocus


NICCO will continuously support the farmers in Afghanistan through the planting saffron crocus.


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【ミャンマー少数民族支援】村落ファンド設立支援・「ブタ銀行」がスタート!(2) 【Myanmar Ethnic Minority Support project】 Support establishment of village fund and “Pig bank” have started.

ウェッゴー シャーネーデー(ブタを探しています)。ミャンマー、パ・アン事務所の大場です。前回は、コクワ村のブタ銀行委員会メンバーが、かわいい子ブタを購入したところまでお伝えしました。ブタ銀行の詳細はコチラ。
"Wet Ko Shar Nay Tal" (“I am looking for a pig.” in local language). I am Oba, project manager of NICCO Hpa-An Myanmar Office. I introduced the story when Khoke Khwar village “Pig bank committee” members purchased piglets by then. Find out more about “Pig bank” at http://kyoto-nicco.seesaa.net/article/427107313.html


■ ブタ銀行の成功に必要なこと The necessary things for success of “Pig bank”

It is important that pig breeding families rear piglets to grow big and sell them, in addition they get an enough income from price of selling pigs so that “Pig bank” becomes successful project. We put forward the preparation for introduction of “Pig bank” project with enough consideration about name and number of pigs, in addition the improvement of handling and feeding techniques.

The name of pig is the cross breeding between an improved hybrid breed is reared in the large pig breeding farmer and a local breed. This name of pig is well adapted to village environment and there is an advantage because they can be grown up healthy if we rear them with proper breeding technique. The villagers who reared local breed had trouble such as “even though we bought piglet it can’t grow up enough after one year or half year” with it from before because there are individual differences from the degree of growth among each pig.
And also we purchased piglets have already had the necessary vaccination supplied by public service at around 45 days old which finishes the lactation period.

半年近く経っても、生後2ヶ月くらいのサイズのままのローカル種のブタ。Local breed pig remains size of around 2 months old piglet that was born nearly half years ago.

つい最近まで、こうして母ブタの乳を飲んでいた子ブタたち。These piglets suckled at their mother’s breast recently.

The number of rental pig is four per one family. By any chance one piglets dies by disease or unfortunate accident a family who lost it can repay by income from selling other piglet, the villagers can sufficiently compensate a loss with reasonable effort, and the benefit from circulation of “Pig bank” system can maintain the health and sanitation support activity in the village so that we decided that number of rental pig.
28 piglets are delivered to Khoke Khwar village where 7 applicants start to rear pigs. Even though piglets must be surprised by a lot of villagers surrounded them and a competition suddenly started they were brought to a pig breeding family safely.

子ブタを選択するコクワ村の飼育希望者たち。Applicants choose piglets in Khoke Khwar village.

■ ブタを健康にそだてるために For rearing piglets in good health

There is a condition that applicants have already attended a lecture of breeding technique is taken place with the cooperation of an expert is dispatched from the government. They have learnt the necessary knowledge and technique of breeding pig such as from the basic knowledge of pig to the important point of building a pigsty, the method of protecting pig from disease and breeding technique in sanitary condition and what kind of ingredient pig needs and how to make its food and feed them for 2 days. And also, they went on the study tour to some family in the other village has already reared same name of pig as of this project. Our applicants and a pig breeding family we previously mentioned in the other village exchanged their view of anxious and unclear points in the breeding method.

Not only applicants who rent pigs at the first time but also who are waiting for the second or the third opportunity take part in the lecture.

The livestock department officer explains the vaccination from Kyainseikgyi Township.

Piglets have gone around to each pig breeding family. We prepare to purchase other piglets for the other four villages. And also our staff has a certification in veterinary science observes the pig rearing situation regularly so as to answer queries from the families, give drags if they need to cure pig of disease and support them in various ways. We will support the villagers to build their capacity and rear piglets to grow up in good health with promoting cooperation with public service.

ブタ飼育者(写真左)と当会スタッフSaw Than Soe(ファンド管理担当プロジェクト・オフィサー)
The pig breeder (the left side of photo) and Saw Than Soe who is the NICCO staff (Project officer for village fund management)

☆★☆ NICCOの活動に是非ご協力ください ★☆★

NICCO ミャンマー少数民族支援

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